• TRUSTEE: administration of trusts and asset management, Court appointed
  • CONSERVATOR: of protected person’s assets; asset management, Court appointed
  • AGENT FOR POWER OF ATTORNEY: asset management and bill payment, Court appointed
  • PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE IN A WILL: administration and distribution of the estate


Through fiduciary asset management, assets are protected from scams, fraud and unwise purchases.

We will utilize the current investment advisor, if there is one, or if not, a local investment advisor will be used for stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

If assets are limited, cash is managed to protect principal

Bank fiduciary checking accounts are used for cash needs, bill paying and automatic deposits.

  • TAX MATTERS: Gather personal financial records and organize for client’s tax preparer.  Contact banks, brokerages, etc. for 1099 info. Make sure returns are completed, signed and sent in.
  • ASSET RESEARCH: Research old stock certificates; annuities, Ltd. Partnerships, oil and gas leases, matured savings bonds.
  • BILL PAYING: Manage the checkbook, deposits, write checks;  communicate with creditors (doctors, insurance companies, utilities, etc.)  Make sure periodic payments are made on time, such as medical and homeowners insurance premiums, estimated tax payments and property taxes, etc.
  • COMMUNICATE: As directed – with client’s attorney, accountant, doctors, investment advisor,  insurance agent, etc.
  • FORMS: Preparation of various forms as needed, such as after a loved one has passed away there can be a great deal of paperwork such as life insurance annuities, pensions, health insurance, etc.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE: Determining what coverage/benefits client currently has.
  • VALUE assets and prepare spread sheet showing all assets and total value.
    And, many more services which are unique and customized to each client.


  • FACILITATE CARE SOLUTIONS: Interview private or agency home care.
  • ACCOMPANY client to medical appointments to communicate with doctor
  • ARRANGE MOVE TO ASSISTED LIVING OR NURSING HOME: Assessing facilities; checking on complaints; what is available and making 2 or 3 recommendations to client and/or family.  Arranging move if necessary; packing, movers, estate sale, etc.
  • FACILITATOR: Doing the “legwork” for whatever needs being done, such as finding someone to drive client to and from appointments;  locating a gerontologist for a medical assessment;  finding a counselor, etc.
  • MONITOR: home safety and upkeep; private caregivers
  • REGULAR VISITS/CALLS TO CLIENT: To check on concerns and needs, give reassurance, etc.  Can be set up for daily, weekly, or monthly.


  • ORGANIZE: Client’s personal papers, mail, documents for tax returns, etc.
  • REVIEW: Estate planning options with client for them to discuss with their attorney.
  • CONSULTING: If you are the named Trustee, Personal Representative or Conservator, we can provide assistance and guidance to you with your duties. We can prepare statements and accountings for you to provide to the beneficiaries as required.
  • ESTATE SALE: Hire appropriate estate sale professional to appraise personal property and hold a sale for the estate.
  • REAL ESTATE: Arrange for appraisal and sale of residence. Obtain marketing plans from Realtors before suggesting a listing broker.
  • If there are notes or contracts, we collect payments, calculate principal and interest.
  • MAIL: While traveling away from home, we can receive your mail and either pay bills or scan them and e-mail them to you to pay and/or forward accumulated mail to addresses you give us.

Regular periodic statements are sent to the client and/or family showing all the activity in the account if we are managing the assets and/or paying bills.

Our fees are charged at an hourly rate.  Fees for estates are set by state statutes.

A fee schedule is available upon request.

We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or prepare legal documents

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